Animal law

At BVDV, we have significant experience and great affinity with animal law and animal rights. For example, did you know that BVDV drafted the General Terms and Conditions for horse auctions and advises a great many animal-related foundations on their articles of association, on charity status, trademarks and more?

Examples from practice

Our animal law attorney Iaira Boissevain has spent many years working in this field of law. To us, animal law deals primarily with the practical issues the owners of animals are faced with, such as:

  • ownership of animals;
  • liability for damages;
  • hereditary defects;
  • aggressive dogs;
  • permits;
  • breeding;
  • rescue and asylum animals;
  • adoption contracts, etc.

All these aspects may be related to various legal domains, such as civil law (purchases, sales, liability), administrative law (permits, subsidies), criminal law (theft, aggressive animals), and veterinary disciplinary law (veterinarians). Given that BVDV has a great deal of experts in these fields, we will be able to assist with any and all issues relating to animal law.

In addition, you will not immediately be tied to expensive legal proceedings. BVDV also provides other options, such as a one-time consultation, a disputes resolution committee, document readings or a second opinion.

If you are looking for an animal law attorney but cannot find what you are looking for on this page, then please get in touch.