Liability law

Liability can arise in a variety of ways. In some cases it stems from the law; for example, from a wrongful act that perpetrated by you or against you. Actions that should have been taken were neglected, or vice versa. Another example is when agreements are violated due to obligations remaining unfulfilled or due to their being inadequate. Liability centres on determining the scope of the damage, identifying to liable or responsible (legal) person and taking action to obtain compensation. It is essential that any damage incurred can be connected to the incident that caused the damage.

BVDV has a team of lawyers that work on liability cases on a daily basis. Liability is a key principle in many other legal domains. A director of a company, for example, may be held liable in relation to that company’s bankruptcy. In a financing case, by contrast, liability may relate to shortcomings in the fulfilment of obligation, such as the furnishing of the agreed securities. In all these cases, you will be able to turn to our lawyers at Restructuring & Insolvency and to our experts at Financing & Securities.

Our lawyers at Company and Corporate Law are also keen to assist you in relation to damage caused by or to your company. And should you be dealing with any shortcomings in the execution of commercial contracts, our Commercial contract law team is on hand to help. Finally, our Intellectual Property team is extremely well equipped to identify any infringements on your intellectual property, to enforce cessation of the infringement and to help you obtain compensation.

Lastly, Personal Injury is the prime legal domain for all things related to liability. Our lawyers will assist victims in establishing the scope of the present and future damage and will ensure that those damages are recovered from the liable party.
Liability law at BVDV
Our attorneys at BVDV deal with liability cases on a daily basis. We establish the scope of the damage, identify the liable party, recoup the damages or defend you against others’ claims. If you would like to find out more about liability law, whether or not in consultation with one of our specialist teams, then please contact us.