In some cases, it is simply impossible to achieve a solution with the other party. However, with a lawyer at your side, you will be able to go to court to force a solution. BVDV will assess your legal risks and we will then work with you to formulate the appropriate litigation strategy. The BVDV lawyers specialise in procedural law and have considerable experience with proceedings in district courts and courts of appeal.


Our lawyers are extremely adept at litigating (in interlocutory proceedings) and securing (protective) seizure and execution measures. We regularly intervene in commercial disputes ranging from expropriations to evictions in interlocutory proceedings and from main proceedings to execution proceedings. Our experts have extensive knowledge of procedural law, evidence law and seizure and execution law.

Interlocutory proceedings

Occasionally, a dispute can be so urgent that clients cannot afford to wait for the result of main proceedings. In such cases, the lawyers at BVDV are on hand to initiate interlocutory proceedings. By contrast, are lawyers are equally happy to represent your interests with their thorough knowledge of procedural law should you be summoned for interlocutory proceedings.

Seizure and execution

In order to be certain that you will be able to recover your claim from the debtor, it is advisable to have a freeze injunction or order placed on their goods. Our lawyers at BVDV specialise in freeze injunctions on various subjects such as (im)movable property and regarding third parties (e.g. bank balance). Our lawyers are also skilled in litigation in interlocutory proceedings to remove a previously ordered injunction.

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