Company and corporate law

As an entrepreneur, you may be faced with a range of legal issues. Our corporate lawyers will be able to assist you regarding all aspects you may encounter as an entrepreneur.
Appropriate legal form
As a budding entrepreneur, it is crucial to pick the legal form for your company that suits your purposes. There are a variety of legal forms available (such as foundations, limited companies, partnerships such as limited partnerships, cooperatives, sole proprietorship, etc.) which are all affected differently by liability, taxation, etc. BvdV’s legal team is happy to assist you in making the right choice.
Clear mutual agreements
Whenever you go into business with one or more partners, it is essential that you make clear mutual agreements, to preclude the likelihood of future stagnation as much as possible.
Shareholder disputes
In disputes between shareholders, the stakes are often high and this may endanger the continuity of the company. Our experts have extensive experience in assisting parties in shareholder disputes.
Employee participation
You have the option of offering your employees the opportunity to participate in the company. This will often stimulate the commitment and productivity of the relevant employees, which will usually go to benefit the company. There are various types of employee participation structures and if clear agreements are made beforehand, this can save all parties involved a great deal of trouble at a later stage. Based on your specific needs, the attorneys at BvdV can help you design that specific structure.
Dismissal of a board member
There are specific rules in place regarding the dismissal of a board member or director. And if those rules are not followed, the relevant board member will be able to contest their dismissal.
If you are looking to dissolve your business, there are various options open to you. However, in any case of dissolution, it is vital that this take place in the appropriate manner, so as to reduce liabilities as much as possible. The attorneys at BvdV will be able to assist in that process.
Unbundling private partnerships
Whenever you wish to dissolve a partnership, be that general or limited (e.g. by termination) you will find that the various partners’ interests will be closely intertwined. Our experts at BvdV have extensive experience in unbundling private partnerships.