Personal injury law

Accidents lurk around every corner, be it a traffic accident, an accident at work or occupational illness, unsafe products, an accident during a sporting event, accidents caused by animals or by a medical error; all the above can lead to personal injury.

Liability for personal injury

A victim of any accident will have to deal with a great many aspects in the immediate aftermath. Naturally, your health and recovery are your first priorities, however the accident may also lead to additional costs or a drop in income.

If you are injured for something for which someone else is liable, as a victim, you will be entitled to compensation for the damage by the liable party or its insurer. Our lawyers advise victims in determining the exact liability.

Recovering damages

As soon as liability is established, the scope of the damage caused by the accident is also determined. That damage, in any case, will include all costs that you would not have had had the accident not taken place, such as costs of medical treatments, household help, adjustments made to the home, but also lawyers’ fees (extra-judicial costs).

Aspects that may also be touched on include loss of income, future earning capacity and pension damages. In certain circumstances, immaterial damage may also be recoverable, this may include damages for pain and suffering or damage by shock.

Lawyers’ fees covered under liability insurance

Our lawyers will assist victims in establishing the scope of the present and future damage and will ensure that those damages are recovered from the liable party.

Often a liability insurer will ensure the payment of the damages, including lawyers’ fees. This means that we will be able to help and that you will not be faced with a hefty bill.

Personal injury attorney

If you would like to find out more about our services or wish to recover personal injury damages from the liable party and are looking for a lawyer, then please contact us for a consultation with obligation.