Estates Act and the Dutch Nature Scenery Act

Our tax consultants advise private individuals, foundations and businesses on estates in accordance with the Dutch Nature Scenery Act of 1928 (Natuurschoonwet 1928). The variety of subjects and questions may include:

  • The ranking possibilities of an estate;
  • The purchase and sale of an estate;
  • The operational potential of an estate (such as golf courses, hotels and conference centres);
  • Determining the desired structure with regard to the preservation of an estate;
  • Disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration in relation to the Dutch Nature Scenery Act of 1928; and
  • Transferring an estate to future generations.

Comprehensive advice

The Dutch Nature Scenery Act of 1928 and other tax laws play a major role in the proper structuring of an estate. The BvdV tax consultants are knowledgeable in virtually all taxation matters, such as income tax, transfer tax and gift and inheritance tax. This ensures that all relevant aspects of such restructuring are considered.

The added value of BvdV:
a strong asset in both civil and tax law matters

Our tax consultants are all attorneys at law as well. This is of great added value for you as a client as any advice we provide you with is also legally enforceable and checked against the legal requirements. Should you decide to carry out our advice, we will assist you throughout the entire process. When necessary, we will draw up all relevant documents and coordinate with the notary concerned. The BvdV tax consultants also work closely with the Real Estate and Tenancy Law attorneys. Our real estate lawyers are up-to-date on legislation relevant to matters such as real estate transactions and leasehold. They are also happy to assist you in drawing up the necessary agreements.

Advice from our specialists

Would you like to know more about our services in relation to country estates and the Dutch Nature Scenery Act? Please get in touch with us for an introduction.