Estates Act

Our tax advisers are on hand to assist private individuals, foundations and companies in regard to estates within the meaning of the Estates Act of 1928. They will be able to advise you on a wide range of issues relating to the Estates Act of 1928. Such issues may include:

  • The (re-)classification options for an estate;
  • Purchase and sale of an estate;
  • Exploitation options of an estate;
  • Determining the most desirable structure with regard to the maintenance and exploitation of an estate;
  • Any applicable exemptions;
  • Disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration and Netherlands Enterprise Agency with respect to the Estates Act of 1928; and
  • Transfer to future generations.

Comprehensive advice

In addition to the Estates Act of 1928, other taxation laws also play a key role in achieving a sound structuring of an estate. BvdV’s tax advisers have a good understanding of most taxes, such as income tax, property transfer tax, and inheritance and gift tax, allowing all relevant aspects to be highlighted during the restructuring process. We often work closely with BvdV's attorneys of Real estate and tenancy law. Our real estate-attorneys have an excellent understanding of the relevant legislation regarding real estate transactions and tenancy.

Our added value

All our tax experts are also attorneys at law and as such have legal training. This yields enormous added value for you as a client, as all our tax advice is also legally enforceable and tested according to legal criteria. If you decide to carry out advice we have given, we will assist you throughout the process until its execution and completion. Where necessary we will draw up all the relevant documents and supervise the notary involved.