Mergers, aquisitions and business successions (tax)

Our tax experts are regularly called in to provide assistance during mergers, business successions or (partial) takeovers. We provide assistance to both sellers and buyers in such processes. Such issues may relate to:

  • fiscal due diligence whether or not in combination with civil due diligence;
  • determining, designing and setting up the appropriate structure for the takeover;
  • preparing a company to be sold off;
  • designing or optimising financing structure by working with our colleagues at Financing & Securities;
  • employee participation structures;
  • management buy out or buy in;
  • partnerships and investment structures with a view to a takeover or participation;
  • financing structures for a takeover or private equity.

BvdV’s added value: strong on tax and civil law

All our tax experts are also attorneys at law and as such have legal training. This yields enormous added value for you as a client as we are able to immediately direct and assess civil choices in merger, takeover and company succession as well as in tax terms. In addition, when dealing with mergers acquisitions and company successions, our tax experts will always work alongside a civil law colleague who has specific knowledge and experience in this field as an attorney. If you would like to find out more about the civil law aspects of mergers, acquisitions and company succession, then please click here.

Tax advice on mergers, acquisitions or company succession

If you would like to find out more about our services relating to mergers, acquisitions or company succession, then please contact us for a consultation without obligation.