Property transfer tax

Our tax advisers advise entrepreneurs, companies and investors on a wide range of issues relating to real estate and transfer tax. Our team can provide advice on the purchase, sale and operation of real estate property, such as in relation to:

determining the appropriate structure in respect of purchase;
determining the appropriate buyer within a group;
restructuring and repositioning inside and outside the group;
project development;
private purchases or purchases through private company.

The tax experts at BvdV have a good understanding of all related tax types, such as VAT, transfer tax, corporation tax and income tax. Tax advisers of BvdV, alongside their colleagues at Real estate & tenancy Law and Financing & Securities will ensure that the fiscal and legal aspects of your transactions are handled in an efficient way.
Confluence of transfer tax and VAT
Transfer tax and sales tax are closely linked elements in the field of real estate and immovable property. Our tax advisers, however, will be able to advise you regarding this potential confluence and how it may affect operations on the property or any future transaction. Transfer tax is typical type of taxation for which a timely and robust structuring will pay off in the future.
Advice on transfer tax
If you are looking for advice in the field of property transfer tax, then please get in touch for a consultation.