Turnover and sales tax

As an entrepreneur or investor in real estate, you frequently encounter sales tax levies. The VAT levy is heavily dependent on the specific situation and can have a major impact on your net profit. Our tax consultants are at the ready to answer any of your VAT-related questions. BvdV has the in-house expertise and experience to assist you in matters such as:

  • The (re)development of immovable property, together with transfer tax levies;
  • Rental of immovable property;
  • Determining the VAT liability;
  • Tax entity VAT;
  • Sale of (part of) an enterprise;
  • Distribution of advance VAT deduction;
  • Write-down of bad debts;
  • Concluding a creditors' agreement;
  • Buying off a debt; and
  • Application of a number of exemptions.

For cases where our in-house knowledge does not cover the extent of the VAT issue, we will call in a specialist from our network. We will discuss this with you in advance.

Confluence of transfer tax and VAT

The levying of transfer tax and sales tax are closely linked in the field of real estate. Our tax consultants can advise you on this possible overlap and its impact on your operation or intended transaction.

Advice on sales tax

Would you like advice on matters relating to sales tax? Please get in touch with us for an introduction.