Turnover and sales tax

As an entrepreneur or real estate investor, you will often be dealing with sales tax (VAT). Application of VAT very strongly depends on your specific situation and may have a significant effect on your net profits. Our tax advisers will be able to assist with any question you may have regarding VAT. BvdV has in-house experience and expertise in all matters, including relating to:

  • the (re-)development of real estate;
  • rental of immovable property;
  • tax unit principle of VAT;
  • distribution of VAT deduction;
  • write-down of irrecoverable debt;
  • concluding an arrangement procedure;
  • repurchasing of debt;
  • application of a number of exemptions.

In cases where we do not have the specific in-house expertise on a VAT subject, we will call in a specialist from our network. We will always discuss this option with you in advance.

Confluence of property transfer tax and VAT

Sales tax and property transfer tax are closely linked elements in the field of real estate and immovable property. Our tax advisers, however, will be able to advise you regarding this potential confluence and how it may affect operations on the property or any future transaction.

Advice on sales tax

If you are looking for advice in the field of sales tax, then please get in touch for a consultation.