Paul Passenier - advocaat financiering ondernemingsrecht

Paul Passenier


Corporate law, investment, finance

I’ve been with BVDV since 2012, from 2023 as a partner. My practice consists of advising and litigating in the field of corporate law with a focus on investment, governance and financing.

I advise companies, shareholders and investors on the structure and governance of companies, investment rounds, management, supervisory boards and other governance issues. I also advise on related topics such as convertible loans, steward ownership and employee participation or incentive plans. I help emerging companies start up and scale up. Many of my clients are social and sustainable enterprises.

I advise lenders and borrowers on the financing of, for example, investments, acquisitions and joint ventures. I am involved in the organization of the financing and the financing construction and if necessary advise and litigate about the requisition and enforcement.

BVDV is a B Corp and as a representative of BVDV I am very active within the B Corp community. I am very much involved in the (re)certification processes for our company’s B Corp status and enjoy speaking to (potential) B Corps about the network and the certification process.

Specialist fields

  • (Inter)company aswell as banking or investor financing & securities
  • Corporate law, governance
  • Investment rounds, emerging companies
  • Company & liability

Education & other activities

  • Master’s degree in Dutch Private law, University of Utrecht, cum laude, 2012 (dissertation on banking collateral structures)
  • Specialisation course in Financing & securities law, Grotius Academie, cum laude, 2018
  • I teach classes in Financing, securities and insolvency law