Advertising law

Advertising law is an area of law that is closely related to intellectual property law. In addition, it is constantly in motion. Can you really live up to a certain sustainability claim? Are you planning to hire an influencer to promote your product? Advertising law regulates what is and is not allowed in the field of sustainability and influencer marketing. The lawyers of BVDV can ensure that your advertising complies with the applicable regulations, so that you are not unpleasantly surprised by (for example) a fine from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Topics that may play a role in the field of advertising law are, for example:

  • misleading or unlawful advertising;
  • complaints about your commercial being submitted to the Advertising Code Committee;
  • copyright protection of slogans;
  • influencermarketing;
  • nutrition and health claims;
  • sustainability claims;
  • various other claims, such as being ‘the best’ or ‘the cheapest’.

BVDV has the knowledge and experience to advise your company in the field of advertising law. Has someone filed a complaint about your advertising with the Advertising Code Committee? Or does a competitor make an unfair or incorrect comparison with your product? The lawyers of BVDV have experience with these types of procedures and are able support and unburden your company.