Capital transfer tax

Our tax consultants assist entrepreneurs, companies and investors with a wide range of issues relating to real estate and transfer tax. We can advise you on the purchase, sale and operation of real estate, which may include:

  • Determining the desired structure with regard to purchasing;
  • Determining the preferred purchaser within the group;
  • Restructuring and repositioning within the group and outside the group;
  • Project development;
  • Transformations; and
  • Private purchasing or via private limited company (BV).

The BVDV tax consultants have full know-how of all taxes, including VAT, transfer tax, corporation tax and, where applicable, income tax. Together with their colleagues from Real Estate and Tenancy Law and Financing and Securities, the BVDV tax consultants efficiently handle the tax and legal aspects of your transactions.

Confluence of transfer tax and VAT

The levying of transfer tax and sales tax are closely linked in the field of real estate. Our tax consultants can advise you on this possible overlap and its impact on your operation or intended transaction. Transfer tax is the tax par excellence where a timely and sound structuring will pay off in the future.

Advice on transfer tax

Would you like advice on matters relating to capital transfer tax? Please get in touch with us for an introduction.