Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The takeover of a company is a special event for both buyers and sellers. Major interests are at stake for the parties involved and input of expertise from various disciplines is essential.  

BVDV employs civil and corporate law attorneys and tax attorneys with years of experience in M&A. We can advise from early negotiations until closing. The team at BVDV is determined to bring every deal to a success. 

Guidance from A to Z 

Our specialists, for example, assist with: 

  • determining the most optimal structure for the transaction; 
  • negotiations, drawing up a letter of intent;
  • preparing, coordinating and conducting a legal and/or tax due diligence investigation; and
  • preparing and negotiating documentation (such as a share purchase agreement (SPA), (vendor) loan, management agreement, etc.). 

Our specialized corporate law team advises shareholders on the terms of their joint participation or joint sale and their relationship as shareholders both during and after transactions.  

In addition, we are regularly involved in setting up employee participation plans, which can help to retain talent for your company. 

The added value of BVDV: civil, corporate and tax law 

BVDV has attorneys with specific knowledge in the fields of financing and securities, employment law, real estate/tenancy law and intellectual property law. Our broad knowledge and experience is key during an M&A transaction, which is often financed externally, might require approval from a works council and may be focused on a company’s real-estate or intellectual property.  

Moreover, BVDV employs tax attorneys with specific knowledge and experience in the M&A field.  

Due to this unique combination, BVDV offers a complete deal-team that can advise on both civil and tax matters. 


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