Income tax

Our tax experts advise taxpayers on a wide range of issues in which income tax plays a key role. Such issues may relate to:

  • transferring your company into a BV/NV company;
  • expanding your private company into a holding company structure;
  • participation of children in your limited company;
  • financing and the so-called ‘non-arm’s length loan’;
  • financing of your own home, whether or not through your own private company;
  • borrowing money from your private company for other private use;
  • investments in box 3 vs. box 2;
  • reducing box 3 tax pressure;
  • emigration, remigration, and immigration;
  • foreign tax liability;
  • various disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration.

Comprehensive advice

A great many of the tax structures in the Netherlands are interrelated and, given that we have a variety of specialists in house, we offer comprehensive advice where necessary. If we do not have the specific knowledge at our disposal, we will engage experts from our network. Should that be necessary, however, the matter will be discussed with you beforehand.

Our added value

All our tax experts are also attorneys at law and as such have legal training. This yields enormous added value for you as a client, as all our tax advice is also legally enforceable and tested according to legal criteria. If you decide to carry out advice we have given, we will assist you throughout the process until its execution and completion. Where necessary we will draw up all the relevant documents and supervise the notary involved. We will also conduct checks or even draw up the relevant statements for the year in which our advice was carried out.

Advice on income tax

If you would like to find out more about our services in the field of income tax, then please contact us for a consultation.