Income tax

Our tax consultants assist taxpayers on a wide range of issues involving income tax. These matters may include:

  • Transferring your company to a private/public limited company (BV/NV);
  • Expanding your BV company into a holding company structure;
  • Shareholdings by children in your BV;
  • Financing and the so-called ‘non-arm’s length’ loan;
  • Financing of your own home, possibly through your own BV;
  • Taking out a loan from your BV for other private use;
  • Investments in box 3 vs. box 2;
  • Reducing box 3 tax burden;
  • Emigration, remigration and immigration;
  • Foreign tax liability;
  • Various disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration.

Comprehensive advice

Many taxes in the Netherlands are interrelated. Our extensive in-house expertise means we can provide you with comprehensive advice where necessary. Should there be a need for more specific expertise, we will call in specialists from our network. We will discuss this with you in advance.

Our added value

Our tax consultants are all attorneys at law as well. This is of great added value for you as a client as any advice we provide you with is also legally enforceable and checked against the legal requirements. Should you decide to carry out our advice, we will assist you throughout the entire process. When necessary, we will draw up all relevant documents and coordinate with the notary concerned. We will also review or draw up the relevant tax returns relating to the year in which our advice was carried out.

Advice on income tax

Would you like to know more about our income tax services? Please get in touch with us for an introduction.