Employment law is all around us. And as an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with employment law sooner or later. In that instance, it is great to be prepared and to have the right employment law attorney on hand. BVDV is able to provide just that employment law specialist.

Specialists in employment law

Our employment law attorneys have long since proven themselves in the field. Clients can turn to us for any question or issue relating to employment law, whether that be for the drafting or dissolution of employment contracts, regarding working with self-employed professionals or the options of a reorganisation: we’ve seen it all. We know employment law inside and out.


Dismissal is one of those things no one enjoys, but harsh as it is, occasionally it is necessary. And when it is, you want matters to be handled as diligently as possible. There can be a variety of reasons leading to dismissal, such as (seriously) culpable behaviour, protracted illness, a breakdown of the working relationship or a restructure. Each reason demands a different approach. We are able to put forward a convincing case for the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) or the Court. And naturally we will ensure that a settlement is reached, if that yields the best outcome.

Drafting or terminating employment contracts

A good start is half the battle. This also applies to employment law issues. Employment law has very specific rules and if, as an employer, you are unaware of those rules that can lead to unpleasant and expensive consequences.

  • When can you agree on a trial period and what should you do when a fixed-term employment contract ends?
  • Can you always include a non-competition clause and non-solicitation clause? And what agreements can be included in the regulations of working conditions and employment benefits?
  • Would a collective labour agreement apply?

BVDV has experience with any and all issues relating to employment law. If you have a question relating to employment law or require advice from an experienced employment law attorney, then please get in touch with the Bruggink & Van der Velden law firm. Your first consultation will always be free of obligation!

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