Intellectual property & technology

Every entrepreneur has to deal with intellectual property (IP) to some extent. For example, the trade name of your company is an intellectual property right.

In addition to the trade name, there is a wide range of protected intellectual property rights. Most companies are engaged in some sort of innovation, investments, (product) development and marketing. Intellectual property has a major role in all this. Examples of what can be protected by intellectual property law include brands, domain names, content, logos, technical innovation, new products, design, advertising and software.

Technology is closely linked to intellectual property law. Consideration could be given to industrial technical novelties, but also to digital innovation such as in the field of software and platforms and the various (privacy) aspects that come with it.

The following areas of law fall under intellectual property & technology:

  1. Copyright law
  2. Trade Secrets
  3. Database right
  4. Trade name law
  5. IT law
  6. Trademark law
  7. Design law
  8. Patent law
  9. Media law & portrait right
  10. Privacy law (GDPR)
  11. Advertising law

At BVDV we assist entrepreneurs in all these areas – we register and protect your innovations.

Protection of intellectual property & technology

Do you invest a lot of time and effort in the development and marketing of something unique or something new? It would be undesirable if competitors can just benefit from that. In addition, it is important that you actively protect your property rights, because intellectual property rights can lose their value without (preventive) enforcement.

Do you know what kind of IP is relevant to your company and how can you protect your IP? The lawyers of BVDV can advise you on this and assess whether you have secured your IP the right and most favorable way.


If you protect your intellectual property rights correctly, IP can protect your investments and optimize your market share. In addition, IP offers various possibilities in the field of exclusivity, sales, licensing, pledging, tax benefits and subsidies. So, there are opportunities here for every entrepreneur.


Often, in the event of a conflict related to intellectual property, it is necessary to take swift action. If your IP is infringed, it can create confusion in the market. For example, if a competing party sells products under your trade name – or a name very similar to it – it is important that steps are taken against that immediately.

Often the first step is to send a summons. However, sometimes starting a procedure instantly is necessary to ensure that the unjustified use of your trade name (or your trademark, patent, design or other intellectual property right) is stopped.


Possible claims then include:

  • an injunction to restrain the use of the infringing name or products
  • damages or an advance payment of damages
  • inspection of the administration of the infringing party in order to be able to substantiate the damages and/or
  • a court order for rectification

There are also various possibilities in the field of evidence protection in intellectual property law. Whether you want to act against unfair competition or if someone accuses you of infringing someone else’s IP – our lawyers have extensive experience in intellectual property law & technology and are happy to assist you in such matters.