Corporate law

As an entrepreneur, you may be faced with a range of legal issues. Corporate law is broad and often relates to other legal areas as well. Our specialists in corporate law can assist with all aspects you may come across as an entrepreneur.


BVDV advises companies on their internal governance. We help entrepreneurs with setting up the ideal governance structure for their company, including stakeholder policies, ESG-policies, diversity- and inclusiveness policies. We assist with the installation of a supervisory board and the establishment of other (informal or formal) advisory bodies, which bodies may involve several stakeholders. Employees may have an important role as well, especially when a company has a works council (ondernemingsraad).

Incorporation of new companies: start-ups and scale-ups

Are you planning to start a business enterprise? It is important to choose the legal form that fits your purposes best. Each different legal form in the Netherlands (such as a limited liability company, foundation, cooperative, partnership or one-man business) has different liability and/or tax consequences. The corporate law specialists at BVDV have wide experience with start-ups and scale-ups and are happy to assist you with setting up the right legal form and preparing a business plan.

Shareholders’ agreement or other cooperation agreements

If you are planning to work together with one or more partners, it is important to make clear and mutual arrangements. This will limit the risks on disputes or stagnation. We recommend laying down such arrangements down in writing, for example in a shareholders’ agreement or similar cooperation agreement, and/or to have this written agreement checked on legal inaccuracies. We are happy to assist you in drafting or assessing such written agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Are you considering to buy or sell a company? The lawyers and tax advisers of our M&A team often assist buyers or sellers in a transaction (share deals as well as asset deals). They can assist you during the entire transaction process.

Employee participation

It is possible to offer your employees the opportunity to participate in your business. This usually stimulates the involvement and productivity of the participating employee, which will benefit your business. There are several ways to implement an employee participation plan. If you make clear arrangements beforehand, this can save you a lot of hassle in a later stage. Our corporate law specialists and tax advisers can assist you with setting up your employee incentive plan based on your preferences.


In case of disputes between shareholders, the interests of the relevant parties are often high, and the continuity of the underlying business may be at risk. Our specialists have broad experience with assisting parties during shareholder disputes.

There are specific rules to dismiss a managing director (statutair bestuurder). BVDV advises companies and managing directors on dismissal proceedings and on the steps that managing directors can take following a questionable dismissal. Our employment law specialists Lcan advise on the employment law aspects, where necessary.

Termination of your business

There are different ways to terminate your business. It is important that this termination occurs properly, to ensure that your liability is as limited as possible. Whether it concerns the dissolution of a limited liability company or the termination of a partnership; the interests of the involved parties are often closely intertwined. The corporate law specialists at BVDV can assist with and advise on this topic.

Corporate law at BVDV

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