Public Benefit Organisations (PBO)

Our tax consultants advise foundations with regard to the PBO regime (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen, ANBI). They can advise you on a variety of subjects and questions, which may include:

  • The possibilities of applying for PBO status;
  • Advice on the articles of association of a PBO;
  • Defining the composition of a PBO board;
  • Acquiring and allocating PBO funds;
  • Drawing up policy plans of a PBO;
  • Disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration with regard to the PBO regime.

Comprehensive advice

Proper advice requires consideration of a wide range of taxation issues. The BVDV tax consultants have the tax know-how that includes transfer tax, gift and inheritance tax and corporate income tax, enabling them to consider all relevant aspects in the event of such a restructuring.

Our added value

Our tax consultants are all attorneys at law as well. This is of great added value for you as a client as any advice we provide you with is also legally enforceable and checked against the legal requirements. Should you decide to carry out our advice, we will assist you throughout the entire process. When necessary, we will draw up all relevant documents and coordinate with the notary concerned.

Advice on the PBO regime

Would you like to know more about the services we provide to foundations with regard to the PBO regime? Please feel free to contact us for an introduction.