Public Benefit Organisations (PBO)

Our tax advisers advise foundations with regard to the PBO (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen, ANBI) regime. We can advise you on various topics and questions in this regard, including:

  • possibilities for requesting to be designated as a PBO;
  • advice regarding PBO articles of association;
  • composition of the PBO management board;
  • recruitment and spending of PBO funds;
  • preparation of PBO policy plans;
  • disputes with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration in relation to the PBO regime.

Comprehensive advice

When advising PBOs several types of taxes need to be taken into consideration. BvdV’s tax advisers have a clear understanding of most types of taxes such as transfer tax, gift and inheritance tax and corporation tax, so that all the relevant aspects of this restructuring can be clarified.

Our added value

All our tax advisers are also attorneys and therefore legally trained. This asset delivers a great added value to you as a client, because all our tax advice is legally feasible and validated. If you decide to put our advice into practice, we will guide you through the process until the advice is implemented and finalised. Where necessary, we will draw up all relevant documents and manage the civil-law notary concerned.

Advice regarding the PBO regime

Would you like to find out more about our services in the area of the PBO regime? If so, please contact us for an introductory meeting.